The #1 Attitude You Need To Avoid: A Lesson In Humility

Have you ever found yourself caught in the trap of pride, desperately trying to curate an image that appears attractive and unique to the world? It's a common struggle we all face—the temptation to project a larger-than-life persona, flex our accomplishments, and relentlessly pursue the applause of others. But as enticing as this may seem, the reality is that this path leads to devastating consequences.

When we become consumed by pride, we find ourselves constantly "on," exhausting ourselves as we work tirelessly to maintain an ultimately hollow and unsatisfying image. We live in fear of losing it all, constantly anxious about our position, our power, and our place in the world. This is the trap that the biblical king Belshazzar found himself in, and the results were nothing short of catastrophic.

The Tragic End of Pride: A Cautionary Tale
Belshazzar's story serves as a powerful warning about the devastating effects of pride. Despite his wealth, influence, and position, his heart was consumed by arrogance and self-exaltation. He made decisions driven by a desire to elevate himself, rather than seeking to honor God and serve others. And in the end, his pride led to his downfall - he was "measured and found wanting," and his kingdom was taken from him.

This is the harsh reality of what happens when we allow pride to take root in our lives. It doesn't just impact our external circumstances; it corrupts our relationships, our connection with others, and our very sense of purpose. As the saying goes, "When we live lifestyles of pride, we die." And this death is not just physical, but a slow, agonizing decay of the soul.

Pride doesn't just have consequences for the individual; it also takes a toll on those around us. When we are consumed by self-exaltation, we become increasingly disconnected from the people in our lives. We become so focused on our own image and accomplishments that we lose sight of the needs and struggles of those we claim to care about. Relationships suffer, opportunities for meaningful connection are lost, and our communities become fractured.

But the cost of pride goes even deeper. It erodes our ability to see ourselves clearly and acknowledge our own shortcomings and weaknesses. We become blind to our own flaws, convinced of our own superiority, and unwilling to receive the guidance and correction that could help us grow. This self-deception is a heavy burden to bear, and it ultimately leads to our own undoing.

The Power of Humility: A Liberating Alternative
But here's the good news: pride has been defeated. Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, a new way of living has been made available to us. Instead of striving to create an image that impresses and captivates, we are invited to embrace the liberating power of humility.

As the apostle Paul writes in Philippians 2, Jesus humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. He willingly laid down his own rights and privileges, choosing to serve rather than to be served. And in doing so, he has opened the door for us to live in the same manner - to let go of our need for control, our hunger for applause, and our obsession with self-promotion.

When we allow the gospel to transform our hearts, we no longer have to live under the tyranny of pride. We are freed from the exhausting task of curating an image, and instead, we can embrace our true identity as beloved children of God. We can live with a deep sense of security, knowing that our worth is not found in our accomplishments or the approval of others but in the grace and love of our Heavenly Father.

This shift in perspective is nothing short of revolutionary. Instead of making life all about us, we can live in a way that glorifies God and blesses those around us. We can let go of the need to win and instead find joy in serving, in honoring, and in lifting up others. And in doing so, we discover a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment than we ever could have imagined.

Practical Steps to Overcome Pride
So, how do we begin to break free from the grip of pride? Here are three practical steps to consider:
  1. Go Pride Hunting: Set aside time to reflect and ask God to reveal the areas of your life where pride has taken root. Where are you driven by a need for applause or a desire to project a certain image? What might be all about you rather than about serving and honoring others?
  2. Get Free: Once you've identified the areas of pride in your life, take the courageous step of confessing them to God. Ask for His forgiveness and the power of the Holy Spirit to help you let go of the need to control and impress.
  3. Go Low: Shift your focus from self-promotion to serving others. Look for ways to lose so that others can win - to use your time, talents, and resources to bless and uplift those around you. Embrace the humility of Jesus, who came not to be served but to serve.

The Transformative Power of Humility
As we journey together to overcome pride, we discover that the path of humility is not one of weakness but of profound strength. It’s the way of Jesus, who showed us that true greatness is found in laying down our lives for the sake of others. When we embrace this mindset, we unlock a wellspring of joy, purpose, and deep, meaningful connection that the world so desperately needs.

Let’s heed the warning of Belshazzar's tragic tale and choose a different way - the way of humility, the way of the cross. In doing so, we not only find freedom for ourselves, but we become agents of transformation in a world that so often values self-exaltation over self-sacrifice. Let’s be a community of Believers who model a better way, inspiring others to let go of pride and walk in the liberating power of humility.

This recap is from the message shared by Bellaire Campus Pastor Chris DeArman. Check out the full message below!
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