A Note from Pastor Roger

Dear Church Family,

I can’t begin to thank you enough for another strong finish to the year. We received a grand total of $14,567,563 in 2023, which is our largest revenue year ever. Because of your ongoing commitment to Deep & Wide, we have yet to access any of the financing instruments to pay for the projects. It has always been our goal to pay cash for these projects, and we are well down the road toward that end. May we continue through the finish line in 2024 for this first phase of Deep &Wide.
This coming Sunday, we officially launch Great: 40 Days of Commission. (You might have seen the Week One email on Monday, prepping you for the Sunday ahead). Many of you have said that you will pair up, others have indicated your willingness to start a new group, and a number of you have said you need help pairing up with someone. Our staff is busy sorting through the cards you turned in and following up with you. If you did not receive the curriculum on Sunday, it will be available in our classrooms and at our welcome centers this coming Sunday. You can also find digital versions of the curriculum at our dedicated Great web page and within the CityRise app. Please pray that the Lord will use this series in profound ways as we seek to be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus.
I also sat down with the always fun Jennifer Dennis (CityRise Kids Director) and Justin Kellough (CityRise Media Arts Pastor) for an episode of The Almost Amazing Podcast to discuss the importance of the Great series and living the Great Commission here at CityRise.
Lastly, let’s go Texans! How sweet it is to have a relevant NFL team in our city once again!
We'll see you on Sunday, Church Family! If you are unable to join us in person, you’re welcome to be with us online at one of our livestreamed services through our CityRise app, on our livestreams page, or at youtube.com/cityriseorg.

Don't forget to visit the CityRise Hub Weekly for upcoming events across all our campuses.

Stay Expectant,
Pastor Roger

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