A Note from Pastor Roger

Good afternoon, Church Family!

God is moving, even in the summer months . . . and so is my son!

As you read this, I am currently helping my oldest son, Brady, move to Atlanta. Julee and I are extremely proud parents, and I'm looking forward to spending this special trip and time with him. Please pray for our travels, for Brady entering his new life, and for Julee and me to entrust him into the Father's hands.

Back here in Houston, we will continue our series "Anchored: Holding Fast in the Midst of Cultural Storms" and drawing from Paul's first letter to Timothy.

If you are unable to join us in person, you’re welcome to be with us online during one of our livestreamed services through our CityRise app, on our livestreams page, or at youtube.com/cityriseorg.

Key Property Purchase Completed

We recently completed the purchase of a property on Amherst street adjacent to our West U Baptist campus. This property is the key to unlocking other church-owned properties for development and future use by the church.

Did you know that the purchase of this property has been discussed between our team and the property owner for more than twenty-five years? God’s timing is amazing, and we know that His purposes for the future use of what He has provided will be made clear!

Special thanks to the following for their tremendous help and support during this process: to our Executive Council, Finance Committee, and Property Acquisition Team for their wise council and support; to our Property Acquisition Team Chairman, Kris Westbrook, for his leadership and assistance in negotiating the purchase; to Bill Jones for paving the way to see the property through to a quick and easy close; and to a few generous anonymous donors who made the purchase of this property possible at very little expense to the church.
As we have embraced a big, bold vision over the last couple of years, I have often said we will fail if God doesn’t move.  It is my joy to see that He is indeed moving and therefore we are not failing. Praise be to God for all of this good news!

I'll see you on Sunday, Church Family!

Stay Expectant,
Pastor Roger

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