A Note from Pastor Roger

Good afternoon, Church Family!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday. As we celebrated moms, we also began a new series based on Psalms. It just so happens that, along with studying the focal Psalm of the week, each Sunday during this series will be accompanied by something special on the calendar: May 21 is High School Senior Recognition Sunday, May 28 is Memorial Day weekend, and June 4 is the day before VBS (at West U Baptist) and VBX.

I hope you can make it for each of these special Sundays as summer approaches! If you are unable to join us in person, you’re welcome to be with us online at one of our livestreamed services through our CityRise app or at youtube.com/cityriseorg.

Speaking of Summer . . .

. . . and of our high school seniors, allow me to point you to our Student Ministry today.

CityRise Media Arts Pastor Justin Kellough and KidStuff Ministry Director Jennifer Dennis host The Almost Amazing Podcast, a weekly podcast that features interviews with people who love Jesus. Recently, they sat down with our very own CityRise Student Pastor Tim Yeager and his wife, Sydney.

  • Want to know about some exciting camp and mission opportunities your middle or high school student can do this summer?
  • Want to get insight into how this generation of kids is growing in Christ?
  • How about some parental advice about what you can do now to help your child be a strong believer by the time they become a high school senior?

Check out the interview below.
For more information about our Student Ministry, visit cityrise.org/students.

Want to hear more The Almost Amazing Podcast episodes? Listen to other episodes under "CityRise Resources" in the "Media" section of the CityRise App or on YouTube.

Dr. Tour's Debate: Tomorrow Night at Rice University

One more more reminder today before we go. Remember that tomorrow evening Dr. Jim Tour will be debating with Professor Dave Farina about the origin of life. These two have been debating each other across YouTube, but will now do so in person.
Seating is first-come, first-served tomorrow night, May 19, at Keck Hall at Rice University. Doors open at 6:00pm, and the debate will begin at 7:00pm. Can't attend? Watch the debate online here.

Pray for Dr. Tour, Mr. Farina, and for those who will attend or watch that the Spirit will move and reveal the truth.
I'll see you on Sunday, Church Family!

Stay Expectant,
Pastor Roger

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