A Note from Pastor Roger

Good afternoon, Church Family!

This past Sunday was massive. We launched two things, the first being our new sermon series entitled "Rooted: Planting Seeds for a Life that Bears Fruit." This series constitutes the midpoint of our Deep & Wide Generosity Initiative, and our lesson on Sunday asked, "Will you trust and flourish?" when it comes to understanding the nature of God's economic plan.

This Sunday we will ask another question and look at the concept of generosity. If you are unable to join us in person, you’re welcome to be with us online at one of our livestreamed services at youtube.com/cityriseorg or by downloading what you see in the next section . . .

The CityRise App

So, what's the second thing we launched? We now have an app! We have been planning and working on this tool for you and the church for nearly two years. Delivering the CityRise app to you is a major step within the digital infrastructure improvements of Deep & Wide. I can't adequately express how excited I am to have this finally in your hands.
With the CityRise app, you have quicker access to livestreams, past sermons, CityRise resources and curriculum, calendars, weekly updates, and more already. More features will be added, including a new one this Sunday that we'll reveal during the service.

If you haven't done so, you can download the CityRise app easily to your phone or Roku account right now by clicking the image below.

I'll see you on Sunday, Church Family!

Stay Expectant,
Pastor Roger

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