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From the Pastor: Devo Reminder & A Major YouTube Premiere TONIGHT

Mary Ellen Ermis December 5, 2022 Devotionals, A Deeper December, Christmas at CityRise, cityrise, houston, Roger Patterson,

The Devotional is Here!

Whether you received one in your mailbox or picked one up in one of our services yesterday (or both!), we wanted to bless you with a deeper December and help you go deeper in your faith this Christmas season. I hope you have enjoyed the first few days of it and can already feel a closer walk with our Heavenly Father.

But don’t just keep it to yourself!

This devotional is a gift we encourage you to give to others. We have additional copies at our campuses which you are free to take and generously give. Bake some cookies for a neighbor or coworker and include this devotional along with an invitation to attend a Christmas Eve service! Pass one along to a family member or friend who needs to experience the true meaning of Christmas, one that goes further than lights, decorations, and presents.

And we’d love to see how it’s impacting your life! Share devotional time pictures or your thoughts on social media. Tag us, use the hashtag #deeperdecember, or however you want to share; we’d love to see how you are going deeper this December!

As a follow up reminder to the end of our services yesterday, tonight there will be a special premiere on YouTube, and I’d like to give you the details where you can find it and join in.

Science and faith have been hotly debated for many decades as being independent of each other. But there are many scientists who see no disconnection, believing science and faith go hand-in-hand. One such influential scientist and member of our church is Dr. James Tour, professor, chemist, and nanotechnologist at Rice University.

Dr. Tour has been consistently posting videos on his YouTube channel for years now discussing the relationship between science and faith including interviews and “debunking” mainstream scientific thought. TONIGHT at 8pm on YouTube will be a major premiere of his new series that tackles the topic of the origin of life.

It’s going to be a great series where Dr. Tour stands firm on his findings with proof. Make sure to watch it live tonight both to support one of our own and to stand firm ourselves in this world that wants to disprove God when science actually points toward Him, not away.

Going Deeper this December,

Pastor Roger