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Connecting women to each other and Christ
Drawing men together to grow in faith
Helping adults in their 20s and 30s connect with God and community
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Other Adult Groups and Classes

West U Baptist has a long history of providing a place of worship, fellowship, teaching, and volunteer opportunities to college students. Our College Class is taught by Rice University professor Dr. James Tour, a chemist, nanotechnologist, and devout follower of Jesus, who has been teaching this class for over twenty years.

Dr. Tour's website // Dr. Tour's Bible studies (audio)

Are you a Rice University student?
There is free bus pickup on Sundays at 9:30A in front of the Allen Center and a light breakfast at 9:45A.
Buses return by 12:30P, however, lunch is served for those who do not return to campus via bus.
Since 1971, Open Door has provided a valuable opportunity for folks to gather for fellowship while also learning a skill! Past classes have taught watercolor, scrapbooking, crochet, line dancing, card making, beading, and more.

Visit the Open Door page below for more information!
Adults Calendar
Christmas; Young Adults

Dec 02, 2023 -Dec 15, 2023
Bridges International Christmas Party
Women; Senior Adults

Dec 14, 2023
Senior Ladies Christmas Luncheon

Feb 02, 2024 -Feb 03, 2024
“Winter Weekend” Retreat

Feb 07, 2024 -Mar 20, 2024
All Things New, Spring 2024 (Wednesdays)

Sep 17, 2023 -Dec 03, 2023
Illustrate Your Faith (Every Other Sunday)

Sep 11, 2023 -May 13, 2024
MOPS (Every Other Monday)

Sep 12, 2023 -Dec 05, 2023
CityRise Men’s Bible Study (Tuesdays)

Oct 25, 2023 -Dec 06, 2023
All Things New, Fall 2023 (Wednesdays)

Sep 13, 2023 -Jun 05, 2024
Knit, Pray, Crochet (Wednesdays)