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From the Pastor: A Deeper December

Mary Ellen Ermis December 10, 2022 Devotionals, A Deeper December, Christmas at CityRise, cityrise, houston, Roger Patterson,


We Need the King

How’s your December going so far? With school winding down and the holidays coming up, have you taken the time to think deeper about what Christmas truly means—not just at the end of the year, but even in the light of everyday life? We celebrate Jesus’ birth each December, but the gift of God’s Son is something we need to remember every day because . . . we need Him every day! So far, we’ve studied how we need His presence and how we need the King. Continue joining us each week this month, on campus or online, and we’ll grow deeper in our faith together as we learn more about God’s many gifts to us, which are promises to fulfill the needs we have.

And continue reading your Deeper December devotional every day! I hope these daily lessons have been helpful to you. We still have copies available at our campuses—if you don’t have your copy yet, pick one up for you and a friend (or two) and jump right in.

This past Sunday, we had two fantastic performances of Handel’s Messiah during our services at West U Baptist. (You can watch the replay here.) It was our 59th annual presentation. Messiah has become a Christmas tradition we eagerly anticipate whenever December draws near.

Now, the last few years at our Crosspoint Church – Bellaire campus, we’ve held a more lighthearted and fun Christmas production: the 80s Christmas Concert. Many of you were looking forward to this week’s shows, but unfortunately we have had to postpone this year’s 80s Concert to sometime in 2023. It’s always a fun event, so stay tuned to next year.

And “next year” is technically just weeks away! Did you know that these last few weeks of the year are some of the most mission-critical in positioning us for success in 2023? You might ask, “Why are these last weeks of 2022 so mission critical?” Well, it’s because we receive 18-20% of our annual income in the final days December. We are on the precipice of stepping into the first sequence of our Deep & Wide Generosity Initiative: developing infrastructure for our digital ministry and renovating infrastructure on our campuses. You can find out more about all the vision we are trying to bring to life by visiting the Deep & Wide section on our website.

As you prepare for the Christmas holiday and begin marching to the New Year, won’t you pray about a year-end gift to help us finish 2022 strong and launch into 2023 ready to take our next steps? Click the button below to go to our Giving page to make your year-end contribution.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Roger

Give a Year-End Gift 

PS We all want to end the year on a high note—would you like to begin the next one on a high note, too? Take a peek at a program coming in January called RISE Together Today that just might help your beginning to 2023.