Ways to Give

CityRise account (InFellowship)

Mail your donation to the following address:
West University Baptist Church
6218 Auden St.
Houston, TX 77005
ATTN: Business Office
Gifts of Stock
Giving stock to the church is a win for both the donor and the church. Your qualified gift is tax deductible, and you have the opportunity of avoiding capital gains tax on the donated stock. It is advisable to consult with a tax advisor to confirm tax matters for your situation.

Other Non-Cash Assets
Assets such as real estate, cars, boats, collectibles, or other valuable personal property can also be an impactful and tax-smart way to give.

To explore giving such a gift to CityRise, please contact Liana Fairbanks at 713-295-2110.

Give cryptocurrency through Engiven.
Donor-Advised Funds (DAF)
• Make a grant to CityRise through your existing Donor-Advised Fund.
• Set up a Donor-Advised Fund with MortarStone Charitable Foundation or another qualified institution.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
More information coming soon.

Charitable Gift Annuity
More information coming soon.

Pooled Income Fund
More information coming soon.

MortarStone Charitable
If you would like to speak with someone who can tell you more about tax-smart and planned giving, CityRise has teamed up with Mortarstone Charitable. Mortarstone works with churches nationally and can help you maximize your giving to the church through tax-smart giving strategies. Find out more below.

Video with Pastor Roger and MortarStone CEO David Thoroughman
Schedule a meeting with a MortarStone Generosity Counselor

At CityRise, we are a people marked by God's grace, committed to lifting our city and the world by generously giving the gospel of Jesus Christ. God accomplishes His purposes through ordinary people like us—committed and giving freely and sacrificially of our time, talents and treasures—without expecting anything in return.


As disciples, we recognize God as the owner of all things. We are His stewards--His managers. We don't own anything, but we are temporarily responsible for all that is entrusted to us. One day, we will give an account for how we have managed what He has given us, as He is the first and most generous giver.


Giving is a spiritual sacrifice and expression of gratitude reflecting our belief that everything we have comes from God. When we give, we affirm our belief in God's goodness and generosity and exhibit our dependence on Him. God does not ask us to give because He needs our resources—in fact, when we give, we are "giving back" to God what is already His. If we shift our mindset away from what we give up, to instead focus on what we have gained in Christ, we are moved to worship and inspired to imitate Him, the first and most generous giver.


At its core, generosity is a lifestyle—a lifestyle in which we hold, with open hands, all that God has given us. We sacrificially bless others as a demonstration of God's love and as a response to God as the first and most generous giver.


It is our hope and prayer that every person who calls CityRise their home will go deeper with Jesus. As we deepen our roots, we will broaden our reach for God’s Kingdom, an dlives will be changed for eternity!

Contributions to the Deep & Wide Fund go toward our General Operating Budget, construction and renovation projects, development of our Digital Church Platform, building of the CityRise Network, and our annual missions offering.

Click here to learn about what God is doing through Deep & Wide.