30 Days to Easter

Worship Experience

Gathering to worship is one of the key ways we function as a local expression of the worldwide body of Christ. We are never more who we were meant to be than when we are worshiping and glorifying God together by singing songs to him and about him. This small group and personal worship experience video was prayerfully and worshipfully created by our CityRise worship teams as a way for you and your small group to glorify God in song and prayer.

Worship Medley

Rearranged old favorites, like “Because He Lives,” and “Crown Him with Many Crowns,” and powerful new songs like Pastor Aaron’s new, “Fight for You,” make up the powerful worship experience for our campaign. Enjoy this medley to get a flavor of what God did when our combined CityRise worship teams joined up to produce an encounter of God in worship like few have ever experienced.

Fight For You

“You fought for me . . . When I was blind but now I see.” This powerful new anthem originally created by Worship Pastor Aaron Senseman will stay in our repertoire long after the Fight For It campaign is over. It’s an awesome testimony of God’s care for His people and His willingness to fight for us and our willingness to fight for God and for the things in life that He cares about.

Just As I Am

In churches across the world thousands have responded to altar calls to follow Jesus while congregations were praising God to this cherished old favorite. The CityRise worship collective has revitalized this old hymn with a powerful new bridge, “I come as the son of compassion…I come as the daughter of grace…I come to the Father of glory…I come.” Come to God in worship through the words and melodies of this powerful hymn refreshed for a new generation.

Crown Him With Many Crowns

This powerful rendition of an old favorite, “Crown Him with Many Crowns” combines the depth of the original with a new bridge and some thrilling and innovative harmonies. Without being distracting, the team has added flavor that will only enhance the experience of loving God and praising him with the worship due his great name. Worshiping along with these seasoned worshipers will provide spiritual fuel to keep up the fight.

For Your Glory

“For your glory you called us by name. For your glory you took on our shame!” This powerful and intimate song of praise captures the heart of worship. God, the most glorious being in all existence, deserves the most honor, the highest praise, and all the glory. Featuring a section in Spanish, “For Your Glory” reminds us of that great Day when every tribe, tongue, and nation will bow down and give glory to God as one!

Nothing Left

The “Lord God of Heaven“ calls us to give Him everything, but He knows we often need His grace and His help to do that. In this song we go to God to give Him the praise He deserves, and we also say “yes” to Him daily as we lay our lives down at His feet. Join the combined worship teams and choir to tell Jesus you will sing to Him as long as you “have breath,” and you “will serve until there’s nothing left” of you! 

Because He Lives

In this video our combined worship teams bring to life a powerful “oldy but goody.” This arrangement of “Because He Lives” combines what has always been moving about the old hymn with a new, exciting instrumentation and voicing. But beyond that, you’ll be swept up with our team as they go to the throne of God to give him what he deserves—all of our honor and praise.

Dwelling Place

Written and led by Worship Pastor Aaron Sensemen and performed by the CityRise combined choirs and worship teams, “Dwelling Place” is a song of praise, faithfulness and pilgrimage. Drawn from the verses of Psalm 84, this anthem declares that we praise the Lord because He gives us everything that is good—protection, healing, and ALL good things. We are pilgrims because we want to do His will and because we go toward where God wants us to be, His lovely “Dwelling Place.” 

Fight for You

“You fought for me when I was blind but now I see…” Aaron Senseman, our CityRise worship pastor, has written a powerful worship anthem for the Fight for It campaign. In this video, Aaron leads an inspiring acoustic version of the song that you can use to worship alone, with your family, or with your Fight for It small group. When we worship God, we demonstrate that we know glorifying and praising God is the ultimate goal of our fight and the Fight for It Campaign!

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Join us for the 30 Days Easter Devotional Challenge. How amazing would it be if our whole CityRise family could log on every day and get the same message? We are so excited to share with you this Easter season from God’s Word. We absolutely cannot wait to see him answer the prayers we pray with our collective voices from the prompts in the devotionals. God loves to let himself be found by those who will seek him. We hope and pray that you will seek him over these 30 Days to Easter with us!