Series introductions






Don't go through GREAT alone.
Pair up!


What does it mean to pair up?
The Bible talks about where two or more are gathered, God is in their midst. (Matthew 18:20). The term Community Group is never mentioned in the Bible, but we do know that Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs, that there were twelve disciples, and that they met house-to-house. The call to discipleship and to make disciples always begins with two or more, so, we’re asking the question, “Who do you want to gather and grow with during Great?”

Why do you want us to pair up?
At CityRise, we believe that disciples grow best together, not alone. Adding conversation in the context of community always increases the application and transformation of the lives in our church family. We want you to grow together, and that’s why Great focuses on grabbing the material, gathering with a friend, and growing together. The benefit of growing in a group is self-explanatory, but gathering in pairs exponentially multiplies the very nature and depth of the conversation.

Why pair up instead of just going through series like we normally do?
The simple answer is Jesus’s final words to His disciples is go make disciples, not just be disciples. The good life is being a disciple, but the great life is making them. The goal is to give and receive instead of merely receiving in an existing Community Group.

Who do we pair up with?
That is up to you! Ideally, this will be somebody outside your existing Community Group. Many in our community are familiar enough with the discipleship message of Christianity, but few have ever truly understood or applied it to their lives. You’ll be surprised just how open people will be to your invitation. Many will be participating at some level in a local church but not growing in discipleship, that is, how to be one or make more. It’s your relationship with someone that makes discipleship work.

If you need help finding someone, though, please let us know when you register.

Can we “group up” with a few more?
Yes, again that is up to you. You and your pair-up partner are free to include a few others (friends, neighbors, coworkers, family, etc.), but we suggest you pair up in twos for the discussion time. And remember that this is pairing up beyond your existing Community Group (if you are a part of one).

Are there any additional benefits to pairing up?
Group conversations are good, but deeper discussions and more realistic application can happen when you’re with only one other person. You also have more talk time when there’s two, which is helpful for those who are quieter.

Are you asking me to attend my existing Community Group and pair up with someone outside it?
The idea of pairing up is to learn in one, lead in another. We encourage those Community Groups that are going through Great to study the week’s session together and then go through it with their pair-up partners sometime during the week. Learn in one, lead in another.

Is this for nonbelievers?
Jesus’s call is to make disciples of all nations. So, yes, in one sense it is for all people. But the decision is up to you; we are trusting God to lead you to them. Seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit, studying the curriculum, and going through the workbook will help you each step of the way.

What happens after six weeks?
Engage with your pair-up partner in the natural flow of your life and ministry at Cityrise. Depending on who your pair-up partner is, invite them to attend worship services and activities, and include them in your Community Group or other ministry involvement.

For a true test of disciples-making-disciples, encourage them to pair up and go through Great with someone else on their own. They could bring the series to their small group or church, or you could help them start another group with a few friends using one of our other small group series online (Fight for It, the Flourishing Life Journey). Meet with them occasionally to encourage their progress.

Another good option is to go through the 30 Days to Easter small group study in the month leading up to Easter Sunday. It includes devotionals and weekly sessions for four more weeks of discussion and conversation together. Easter is a natural time to reflect and make a decision to follow Jesus more closely.
After the series has ended, pairs could likely find great chemistry. Don’t be surprised if the nucleus of a new group forms, whether that’s together or through your pair-up partner leading one themselves.

Is Great something for all members or just leaders?
Great is for everyone who calls Cityrise their church home. We are not asking for a dime in this series, only for six weeks of your time to gather with another friend and go through each week together.