30 Days to Easter

Pastor RogerWelcome to 30 Days to Easter

This year, we are so excited to go on a journey together to the cross of Christ and the empty tomb on Resurrection Sunday. We are a people who seek to live our lives around this amazing truth of Jesus, who died for us to bring us forgiveness for our sin. Jesus accomplished this by first living a perfect life. He never sinned. He obeyed his Father in heaven without wavering, and He paid the penalty that we deserve so that we could live forever, forgiven, free, and in His glorious presence in heaven.

But Jesus had His own long journey. You might say it began when He was born. Our eternal God  had come down off His throne to sojourn with mankind and experience the trials and tribulations of a mortal life on earth. Then Jesus began His ministry journey when He was around thirty years old, announcing and demonstrating that the kingdom of God had come. He went around to spread the great news of His Father’s readiness to forgive sins, facing instant opposition from those who would eventually kill him. In 30 Days to Easter, we will follow Him on the very last legs of His journey to the cross.

In this campaign, we have done everything we can think of to help you, your family, and even your small group connect to Jesus’ message of salvation, and His great love for us demonstrated by His life and death. You will find small group materials, short daily devotional videos to watch on your own or with others, and links to the resources you need to get the most of the season. We’ve provided video worship sets and even social media-sized clips so that anytime you are able, you can find a way to draw your heart back to Jesus and His amazing love for you. My hope and prayer for you is that this turns out to be the most powerful thirty days of your life so far!

Let’s journey together!
Pastor Roger

30 Days to Easter

Tools for the Journey

  • Daily inspirational posts
  • Daily Devotional email
  • Weekly conversation in a small group
  • Weekend celebration at Sunday Services
  • CityRise Worship Album with over a dozen songs to prepare your hearts for Easter
  • New Host/Group Training

30 Days to Easter

In this sneak peek into the upcoming 30 Days to Easter campaign, the Cityrise staff share their excitement for what Jesus will do as we journey together with him on the road to his crucifixion. They will talk about the life of a Christian and the sharing of our struggles together with other believers as we seek to grow together. We are encouraged to take up our cross, no matter where we are starting out and to lean on others when it gets hard. You are not alone in this journey, and together we can bear much fruit.

30 Day Challege

Join us for the 30 Days Easter Devotional Challenge. How amazing would it be if our whole CityRise family could log on every day and get the same message? We are so excited to share with you this Easter season from God’s Word. We absolutely cannot wait to see him answer the prayers we pray with our collective voices from the prompts in the devotionals. God loves to let himself be found by those who will seek him. We hope and pray that you will seek him over these 30 Days to Easter with us!

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30 Days to Easter

Small Group & Personal Worship Experience

Gathering to worship is one of the key ways we function as a local expression of the worldwide body of Christ. We are never more who we were meant to be than when we are worshiping and glorifying God together by singing songs to him and about him. This small group and personal worship experience video was prayerfully and worshipfully created by our CityRise worship teams as a way for you and your small group to glorify God in song and prayer.

Guided Communion Experience

Jesus told his followers to gather regularly to remember his suffering on the cross for them. We are to do this by breaking bread to signify his broken body for us and by sharing the cup that symbolizes his blood shed for us. Jesus gave his life so that we could be forgiven and live with him forever. Use this guided video from one of our staff pastors to guide you alone or in a small group through the process of taking Communion together.

Small Group Communion Experience

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CityRise University

Small group leading and group leader coaching is demystified in this amazing and helpful series carefully crafted by our staff pastors and most experienced small group coaches. The videos in Small Group University cover everything from inviting, welcoming, preparation, discussion, small group prayer, building a core team, next leader development, and much more. Go to Small Group University to get the help you need to assist the pastoral staff in shepherding God’s people and facilitating transformation by God’s grace and presence through the small group life experience. 

For existing small group and community group leaders, here’s an entire library for equipping new group leaders, ministry, & coaches in their next steps and building and driving healthy small groups.

Social Media

We’re called to abide in Christ all day long. We’re also called to share his love with others. Explore our social media graphics and share a message that resonates with you. Encourage your friends to join our journey.