Sometimes you just Need to Meet with Someone

Counseling is available for you and for all

Why Counseling?

Of course emergencies can arise. Counseling can help during emergencies, after, and even before. You don't have to do it alone; you also don't have to know all the resources available. Let us help.

Meet with a Pastor

Meeting with a pastor from CityRise is a great way to get biblical insight and counseling in your life. From relationship advice, to help discerning your purpose, pastoral counseling is available.

Pastor On Call

During times of emergency, crisis, and hardship, there are pastors on call to offer prayer and support. Just call and we will connect you.

Professional Services

When professional counseling is needed, we can connect you with agencies and counselors that we trust. From there, you can pursue a professional counselor and professional help.

Resources and Partners

If you need resources, we have partners that you may not know of that can help.  Let us point you in the right direction and help you get the resources you need.

Types of Counseling Available


Meet with a counselor for your personal needs, or come in for a group counseling session.


We can help find licensed professionals that are available through agencies and partners.

Divorce Care

The trauma and healing needed due to divorce is real, and we are equipped to help you through these times.

Pastoral Counseling

Meet with a pastor as you discern areas of your life to help process events such as trauma, life changes, and grief.

Support Groups

Available groups include recovery, grief, adoption, and others.

Intellectual Developmental Disabilities

For those with diabilities, our partners can help get you the support and resources you need.

Social Services

Let CityRise help you connect with the social services you may need.

Inpatient / Outpatient Mental Health & Addiction Services

Many options are availble around the Houston area and CityRise Care team can help get you connected to the right facility.

Partners & Trusted Resources

The CityRise Network is here to connect you to trusted partners. 


South Texas Childrens Homes Counseling Services
With STCH Ministries you have the opportunity to participate in a visible change in the lives of children and families all over the world. We are an action-based ministry that invites you to be the hands and feet of Christ. Join us in healing hearts and sharing hope.

Houston Center for Christian Counseling

We strive to provide the most ethical, professional, and qualified care possible. Through integrating our faith and clinical training, we can offer biblically sound and psychologically skilled approaches to life’s struggles.

Houston's First Baptist Church Counseling Center

JPMCC offers both in-person and virtual appointments to help meet your needs. You will need to confirm with our administrative staff a counselor’s availability for either option.
If you wish to schedule an appointment or if you need more information regarding our services, please reach out by phone at 713.335.6462 or email us at


Anthology Counseling and Wellness is a group of licensed professional counselors in the Houston/West University area that is dedicated to health and healing in the whole person—body, mind and spirit. We believe that healing occurs more effectively and more efficiently when each facet of a person is addressed. We enjoy working with individuals, couples, families and groups in a one-on-one setting and also in larger formats.

Houston Pregnancy Help Center – West Houston

We offer the pregnancy services and resources you need to take the next step in your journey, completely free of charge

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery large group meetings are no longer being offered at Houston's First. To locate a Celebrate Recovery group nearby, click here.
To find other interesting and helpful classes on “Life's Healing Choices”, please check our Milestones classes that are scheduled several times a year here.


We'd love get you all they resources you may need. Let's start with a conversation and move from there. Please fill out this form to get started.