Pastor Roger Patterson

To minister is to serve.

God has designed us to flourish in the world He created. Serving in His Church and the world is important because it causes us to discover how we were made and gifted to flourish. God’s amazing plan was and is to use us men and women according to the way He has gifted and wired us to accomplish His purposes on the earth.

To minister is to serve. This study explores the broader meaning of service: what it is, how and why we serve, how to discover our gifts and calling, and what God’s role is in the experience of ministry.

As disciples of Jesus, it is awesome to learn we were created for a purpose, to be His chosen hands and feet to a hurting world that is being redeemed and restored by God, partly and thrillingly through us.

I look forward to joining you on this four-week journey as we learn to flourish together through ministry and service!

May you flourish today!
Pastor Roger
Senior Pastor, CityRise

Flourishing Ministry Weekly Sessions & Daily Devotional Videos

Session One (6:28)

Session Two (4:48)

Session Three (5:18)

Session Four (4:43)

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