30 Days to Easter

Session #3

In this video, Justin Kellough and Ben Hayes welcome you and invite you again to do the 30 Days of Easter in community by joining or starting a small group. Ben tells about a man whose life was changed when he not only gave his life to Christ, but he got into a fellowship of believers by attending a weekly small group. We can bear much fruit by doing life together. If you haven’t joined one, it’s not too late!

Pastor Roger invites us to look at Matthew 26 with him. Jesus sent some of his disciples to prepare the Passover room. This was a ritual preparation for the Jews to celebrate the powerful work of salvation when God rescued his people from bondage to slavery in Egypt. When they were reclining together at table, Jesus broke the bread and taught them about a new salvation. He showed them that he was the bread of life, the answer to all the needs of the human heart. He showed them that he is the only one who can satisfy. 

People in our society are addicted to the next thing that they hope will fulfill them, but they always find that everything leaves them more empty than before. If you are looking for fulfillment, Jesus says to take and eat of what he supplies. As a symbol of our fulfillment in Christ, we take the Lord’s Supper together. Consider partaking of the Lord’s table in your small group.

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30 Days to Easter

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Join us for the 30 Days Easter Devotional Challenge. How amazing would it be if our whole CityRise family could log on every day and get the same message? We are so excited to share with you this Easter season from God’s Word. We absolutely cannot wait to see him answer the prayers we pray with our collective voices from the prompts in the devotionals. God loves to let himself be found by those who will seek him. We hope and pray that you will seek him over these 30 Days to Easter with us!