30 Days to Easter

Session #2

Robby Dobbs and Aaron Senseman open up this video with an appeal to join a small group. Maybe you have never been a part of a small group and you’re thinking about it now. Take this opportunity to experience Christian community on a more intimate level. Even if you already know someone well, you’ll get to know them in a much deeper way when you open the Word together in a small group setting. 

For this session, Pastor Roger teaches the church on the power of prayer, especially prayer together in groups and for one another. In Luke 11, the disciples seeing Jesus praying to his Father, said, “Lord, teach us to pray like John taught his disciples to pray.” The discipleship culture of the day came along with a certain community  identity around a teacher. John’s disciples prayed in a particular way, the way of John. Jesus’ disciples wanted to know Jesus’ way. 

This makes sense, because prayer is one of those things that brings us together as a people. Even Jesus wanted his disciples to “watch and pray” with him in his hour of need in the garden of Gethsemane. Prayer together was and is central to Christian community, it’s part of our shared identity as God’s people. Find ways during this 30 days to Easter to let people know that you’re praying for them.

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30 Days to Easter

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Join us for the 30 Days Easter Devotional Challenge. How amazing would it be if our whole CityRise family could log on every day and get the same message? We are so excited to share with you this Easter season from God’s Word. We absolutely cannot wait to see him answer the prayers we pray with our collective voices from the prompts in the devotionals. God loves to let himself be found by those who will seek him. We hope and pray that you will seek him over these 30 Days to Easter with us!