30 Days to Easter

Session #1

In this video Chris DeArman and Paul Magyar welcome us all to the 30 Days of Easter Devotional series. They remind us to register for the daily video devotion, pick up or download the small group study guide, and get with a group of friends to go through it together. We are so excited for this series to give us the opportunity to consider daily the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our own sin, and the infinite love of our Father in Heaven for us. 

Pastor Roger introduces the series with a lesson on the rich young ruler from Mark 10. He had everything. He was a good man, the kind of guy you’d like your daughter to marry! But many of us have one thing that keeps us from following Jesus—one thing we won’t give up to go after him. Is there something in your life that you could say, “I would rather have this than follow Jesus?” What would it take for you to give it up and go to him? 

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30 Days to Easter

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Join us for the 30 Days Easter Devotional Challenge. How amazing would it be if our whole CityRise family could log on every day and get the same message? We are so excited to share with you this Easter season from God’s Word. We absolutely cannot wait to see him answer the prayers we pray with our collective voices from the prompts in the devotionals. God loves to let himself be found by those who will seek him. We hope and pray that you will seek him over these 30 Days to Easter with us!