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Leading a small group study is an amazing way to make a difference with your life. Small group bible studies are powerful vehicles for catalyzing life change and spiritual growth. We are looking for new small group hosts to lead a group. If interested in becoming a host, you can sign-up below.

Watch this first

Kirby Follis

Kirby Follis, our executive pastor at CityRise explains some helpful key concepts in small group leading. First, view the Leadership Lifters for each session before your group meets. Second, watch your small group session ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the material and plan your discussion questions. We have purposely included more information than you can possibly use, so you can pick what’s best for your group. Third, check the back of your study guide for the wealth of information and resources you need to equip you to lead. And fourth, don’t forget to pray for your group members. God is with you, and He is preparing you to lead a great meeting. If you will ask and be open to listening to His Spirit, He’ll give you everything you need and lead you in how to pray for your members. 

For the meeting itself, remember that the first principle is to be open. Your level of transparency will set the tone for the group. We say, “Speed of the leader, speed of the group.” That said, leaders should refrain from being the first to answer each question. With the exception of the very first question, which you should answer to set the tone of openness, be willing to let there be silence as you wait for others to answer. People will respond eventually, and they will become more and more comfortable sharing. In this way, some of them will learn to be shepherds of others and even start their own groups one day. Affirm people when they share. Thank them and encourage them.

Thank you for your faithfulness and willingness to lead people as a small group leader! 

CityRise University

Small group leading and group leader coaching is demystified in this amazing and helpful series carefully crafted by our staff pastors and most experienced small group coaches. The videos in Small Group University cover everything from inviting, welcoming, preparation, discussion, small group prayer, building a core team, next leader development, and much more. Go to Small Group University to get the help you need to assist the pastoral staff in shepherding God’s people and facilitating transformation by God’s grace and presence through the small group life experience. 

For existing small group and community group leaders, here’s an entire library for equipping new group leaders, ministry, & coaches in their next steps and building and driving healthy small groups.

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