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Week 4 of Flourishing Ministry

Mary Ellen Ermis November 7, 2022 Devotionals, cityrise, houston, Roger Patterson, The Flourishing Life Journey,

What to Do? God Already Knows.

In this final week of Flourishing Ministry, it’s time to use your gifts and serve.

Over the previous three weeks, we’ve discussed what service means according to God’s design. We’ve seen how our Heavenly Father has a purpose for our lives (which includes influencing others for good), how Jesus exemplifies the importance of serving our family, how serving with compassion and kindness do cost something, and lastly why it’s important to serve the church.

So, with what we know about serving, where should we begin? To know that, we must understand two things.

First, God has given us gifts and talents. You have a certain bent in your personality, perhaps a knack with a certain skill or two, that God wants you to serve others with for the ultimate goal of spreading the gospel and giving Him glory. Sometimes, knowing what those gifts and talents are can be difficult. If you need some guidance in naming the ways in which you might excel, and even where to use them at CityRise, take our online Spiritual Gifts Assessment. This assessment is a discovery tool that we hope will point you into service that results in you feeling like you are literally flourishing in ministry.

Also, we will have a one-hour spiritual gifts workshop presented by Raye Zacharias this Wednesday night, November 9 at 6:00p in Room 211 at our West U Baptist campus (6218 Auden). This is a great option if you’d like more information and in-person discussion about God’s spiritual gifts, what yours might be, and how to use them.

Second, if you don’t know what to do, that’s ok because . . . God already has works prepared for you! This week’s session video below dives more into this, but God not only has created you with specific gifts in mind, He also has specific works in mind to accomplish. These works don’t save us—Jesus did that work on the cross—but we are called to do good works all the same for His great name. And if God’s prepared them for you with you in mind, how can you lose?

I’m very excited to see how the ministry life in our church is going to grow in the coming weeks and how it will beautifully match our mission statement—to lift our city and the world by generously giving the gospel of Jesus Christ. I look forward to seeing how you will serve.

May you flourish in your ministry today!

Pastor Roger

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