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COVID Update

socialmedia@cityrise.org March 5, 2021 Updates, COVID, Roger Patterson,

Happy Friday, Church Family! It’s going to be a beautiful weekend in Houston, Texas. As you prepare for worship this Sunday, I want to call your attention to our COVID policies, which can be found in full here.


Governor Greg Abbott announced this week that his mandatory mask mandate was being lifted on March 10th. His executive order that required masks in public places as well as restricted capacity in congregating places is expiring. If you have any social media accounts, you immediately saw significant reactions, not unlike other reactions to a number of things that politicians have done during the past 12 months.  From what I could see, the Governor’s message placed the responsibility of how to approach the virus at the organizational and individual level.


As an organization that is itself trying to rebuild from this pandemic, we believe that at this current time it is prudent to stay masked while on campus for the foreseeable future. As I mentioned in my message a few weeks ago, we have had zero reports of congregants getting the virus because they were in a worship service over the last nine months. We believe our efforts to minister to you both on-line and with the safety protocols we have in place at our campuses, as well as the hand of our Lord upon us, has led to these results. We will keep an eye on the data in our area and proceed with discernment. Like you, we have been praying for the Governor, the mayors of our cities, council members and the County Judge. Further, we have been praying for hospital administrators and the doctors and nurses on the front lines of this pandemic and as we have prayed, we have always wanted to do our part in curtailing the spread of COVID-19.


Stay Expectant,

Pastor Roger