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This Sunday: A Very Special Sermon

CityRise June 5, 2020 E-newsletter, Updates,

This coming Sunday, June 7, I will be delivering a special message related to the injustice, unrest, and brokenness that our nation is facing. I won’t be coming to you as a conservative or liberal, a republican or democrat. But I will be coming to you as your pastor, broken from what I am witnessing and learning. I come to you this weekend in humility after listening to fellow pastors and friends from the African American community. I’m asking you to come to this message, not as a conservative or liberal, a republican or democrat, but simply as a Christian longing to grow in the image of Jesus Christ. You see, only the gospel is going to bring about the healing we need in our land. Would you join me by preparing prayerfully? In other words, would you pray before you come? Would you ask God to lead us to hear His heart for people in pain? 

I hope you will attend this weekend, either in one of our newly reopened on-campus worship services or online. 

If you can come personally, then we’d love to see you at 8:30 am or 11:00 am at either West U Baptist or Crosspoint Church-Bellaireremember that we are not holding 6:00pm services. Our Spanish service will also meet in person at Crosspoint Church-Bellaire at 1:30 pm. (Please note that our Chinese service will meet again sometime after this Sunday. Stay tuned for that date.)

If online is your preference or necessity, you can catch us on YouTube at 8:30am (Classic Service), 9:30 am, and 11:00 am for our English services, 1:30 pm for our Spanish service, and 2:00 pm for our Chinese service.

Again, would you pray today? Pray for our nation. Pray for our city. Pray for our communities. Pray for our police. 

Stay Expectant,
Pastor Roger

Roger Patterson is the Senior Pastor of the CityRise Network, leading multiple congregations in lifting our city and the world by generously giving the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Roger lives in Houston with his wife Julee, and three children.